Will The Real Tom Brady Please Stand Up?

Will the real Tom Brady please stand up? This was essentially the question asked once we found out that Tom was headed to Tampa. Finally, we will get to see the “greatest of all time” out from under the weight of the “Patriot Way”. Well, it turns out that Captain America isn’t such a great guy after all. Aside from tongue kissing his children, Brady is consistently berating his teammates and on multiple occasions, has snubbed the opposing quarterback of a post-game handshake.

Handshake Hardship

This is twice now that Tom Brady has snubbed the opposing quarterback after losing the game. First, it was Nick Foles and then just last night it was Jared Goff, both of whom were left standing around at midfield waiting for Brady who never came. It is becoming abundantly clear that Tom Brady is a whiney little bitch. Any time something goes wrong, he’s rolling his eyes and looking for someone to blame. Now to top it all off, when he loses a game he prances back to the locker room instead of showing a single ounce of sportsmanship. This is a terrible look for a guy that has millions of kids looking up to him.

The Legacy of Tom Brady

You can’t take away from six Super Bowls, although the legacy of Tom Brady may be hurt after his stint in Tampa. For one the guy looks like dog shit when pressured in the pocket. Although it’s more about the attitude he exhibits. If it wasn’t for great defenses, Adam Vinatieri’s right leg, and a terrible tuck rule, Tom Brady would be just another solid quarterback in a good system. Tom needed the Patriots just as much, if not more than the Patriots needed him. Clearly, I don’t like Tom Brady, I would take Drew Brees every day of the week and twice on Sunday. But more than that, I despise the fans of Tom Brady, the delusional fanbase that can apparently jump ship from New England to Tampa Bay.

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