Will Joe Burrow Be The “Tiger King”?

Joe Burrow, will he be the “Tiger King“or could he be just another one hit wonder? LSU knows a few. Has anyone seen JT Barrett? How is Dwayne Haskins doing over in Washington? Both of these gentlemen played over Joe Burrow. JT a free agent, at best on some practice squad. Dwayne? He went to Washington and that will probably be it. The program will destroy his confidence and he will drift into the league purgatory. When Joe was at the helm, was he all that great? Now hear me out I love Joe Burrow. Dude is a legend and he will always be that cat toking a stogie on a sofa! However, I am skeptical.

“Burrow, A History”

Let’s look at 2016, most notable games I would say Nebraska, he went 6 for 6. Nothing to brag about but okay 186.8 rating no easy task. Then he went 6 for 9 that next week against Maryland. Now Maryland’s basically horse piss that whole year but hey, any given Sunday! Right Al?

On Any Given Sunday, that ass can be handed to you

That’s about it for 2016 though. Let’s peek over at 2017 huh? The hand injury. Now okay that sucks ass! Injuries happen though. So your boy misses the beginning of the season and then here comes Mr. Haskins swooping in at number 2. That’s basically the end of that year. A few games where you beat up more nobodies, I can’t really call you a legit stud. Now 2018 with the muthaflippin Louisiana State University Tigers!!

A Tiger King is Born

The first year with the Bayou Bengals eh it was pretty solid. Got a bit of a stretch against Auburn and Southeastern (I know it’s SLU but it’s within the stretch so it’s included. Talk about it!). Then finish that stretch of 100+ qbr with some LA Tech, and like an 8-7 Ole Miss. Again…

Austin Powers politely saying “Who the fuck cares?

Look, consistently having 100+ qbr and then I believe like 209.7 deserves some respect. Then here is the thing, we have spurts of solidness but then we have some sprinkles of low 80s against the likes of Mississippi State, Bama, Florida, and The U. Now that makes you squint a little. Doesn’t warrant that much confidence. Here is where the story really heats up. A Bayou Bengal is born.

So hey slapdick that’s my qb you’re talking about” I hear ya buddy! I hate to think about reality but here I am. I love the guy and his attitude is brilliant but lets get to the latter of the year. He killed it against Arkansas, A&M with that wild ass heartbreak, Rice, and the game where the legend was born, UCF. Now everyone is hyped! Let’s geaux, Natty, we’re coming!

“Hey ass, Joe Burrow is the Tiger King!”… Maybe sir, I do hope so because that 30 for 30 in twenty years will be all that more epic. Let’s look at the Tigers this season. We whooped everyone’s ass. I mean I’m pretty sure there was a warrant for the curb stomping we put on the NCAA. That is exactly the point though. Absolutely, Donkey Dong Joe won games for us, had basically a year long Heisman moment. I mean dude was incredible. However so were the other members of that team.

The Louisiana State Draft

1st round, the Boosie endorsed, adopted cajun, Mr. LSU, Joe Burrow goes number one. The Get the Gat star himself, Justin “shit on your dreams” Jefferson at number 22. Let’s just cry about that for a few. Our boy to our new rival. Then you take The Bulldog, Mr. Get off me, the animal, he is Clyde Edwards Helaire at number 32. That is QB, WR1, and RB1 taken in the first if you weren’t paying attention.

“Assface, what about the rest of the draft?” Oh don’t worry baby girl I am getting there. When the final pick was announced after that one of a kind virtual draft and the virtual boos faded. We looked at the spread of players taken. Every draft eligible LSU Tiger made it to the League. Now for Mr. Big D Swinging, yes good Lord this man was just flawless. But flawless for a year. Flawless with all NFL talent. One full year of true greatness does not guarantee another Brees or Wilson in the NFL.

You are going to Cincy. A team that is so cheap they don’t mind everyone having fun with their outdated equipment and facilities. Who is the surrounding cast? Ross? Mixon? Maybe Aj Green? Your star receiver doesn’t want to be there. The culture seems like ass water to be honest. Now can he come in and shake everything up? Absolutely! He has the attitude and skill set. The only question is how can we know? We have only seen him at or just above average barring last year.

That’s All Folks!

I hope he kills it. I really do! The man has earned king of the Bayou Bengals, but will he become The Tiger King? I am curious what have you seen that makes you go, “Yep! I know it! He isn’t going to be a Jamarcus Russell or Matt Flynn!” To be fair I didn’t watch his High School film. So if you come at me swinging with that, I see you and like your style. Either way Burreaux will always be one of our own. Now that it is the big leagues, I want to find out. Will he do what The Red Rifle and Marvin Lewis couldn’t? Make Cincy really relevant? Last playoff win was back in 91? I wasn’t even floating in the sack. Will Joe Burrow become “The Tiger King”?

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