Who Dat Ticket Holders! Should We Be Worried?

With all of the events and games that have already been affected by Covid-19, should WhoDat ticket holders be worried? Should we be worried that there will be no fans for the games? I am in the middle of a five year streak and the thought of missing a game makes my anxiety peak. Y’all I have a damn heart attack for every away game. It’s been six years on the wait list and luckily enough, I bought out my grandfather’s.

First Year As A Ticket Holder.

It is my first year as a season ticket holder. This has been my dream since my uncles would take me when I was a kid. My Pawpaw and Grandparents on others and now, it’s my turn! “Covid may have other plans” most logical people will say. However Ms. Amie Just wrote a wonderful article that keeps my hopes going and the likelihood of me rushing glass doors and getting arrested down.

Ms. Just Giving Ticket Holders Hope!

Ms. Just with the New Orleans Advocate, wrote that VP Doug Thornton speculated at a possible 13,000 fans being permitted into The Dome. Now it does mention that this is a worst case scenario and it also goes on to say that VP Thorton said that this “is not acceptable”. All of the Superdome Commission are working on a proposal to allow between 17%-50% of max capacity (75,000). Now let’s say the 13,000 figure is what we go into the season looking at. How will that work? Will the season ticket holders take turns with games? I do not foresee this happening.

Numbers Don’t Lie Ticket Holders!

We are still three and a half months from the start of the season. There is a great shot at us getting most or full capacity because the numbers with Covid are down. There are reports of considering entering “Phase Two” this week, although the streets have been filled. If we don’t see a spike, then I believe the city has no right to close the Dome to the ticket holders.

Now sure lets take precautionary measures, wear a mask and if you are feeling unwell, don’t come. Mike Hoss announced they were waiting for a final response from the NFL. Hoss explained that if there were a mandate from the league, it would come by end of June. So fingers crossed, but if we keep moving the way that we are and if numbers stay low, ticket holders will bring the noise! WHO DAT!!!!!

Who can have enough who dat highlights? No one that’s who!

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