Where Is Alvin Kamara?

Where is Alvin Kamara? That is the question circulating around the WhoDat Nation. Alvin Kamara has reportedly missed the last three days of practice and they are being labeled as “unexcused absences”. So where is Alvin Kamara?!

Is It Time To Panic?

No, it is not time to panic. Is it time to worry a little? Maybe. We are roughly two weeks out from week one of the NFL season and it appears that Kamara is holding out for a new deal. I don’t love this due to the fact that just two weeks ago he said “I’m not concerned with contract talks at all”. Nevertheless here we are, this could just mean that the two sides are very close to getting a deal done and Kamara is just taking extra precaution. We saw first hand with Dez Bryant that you can be done at any moment, even in practice. AK41 deserves his money and he will get it, let’s just hope it is sooner rather than later. We already saw Leonard Fournette hit the free-agent market this morning, so let’s secure the former rookie of the year.

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