Von Miller Out Over Half The Season?

Von Miller

Is Von Miller out for over half the season? Is The Denver Broncos season over before it started? Well to be fair, we could have said that with Von healthy. No I’m totally kind of kidding. It is reported by Jeff Legwold that Miller suffered a high ankle sprain that could potentially need season ending surgery. Last reported, the staff was still evaluating the injury and no official word has been given. Coming in clutch as always Ian Rapaport ended up tweeting a little inside info on the matter.

John Elway knows the offense will need work

However, John Elway has even said that he doesn’t expect the offense to be firing on all cylinders. Drew Locke only started 5 games last year and it was enough to give the old legend enough confidence to keep him as their guy. The team is really relying on the veteran leadership and returning players for their team to have any playoff aspirations. It is going to be pretty damn difficult if their star defensive outside linebacker is out for most of the season if not all.

Von Miller
Von Miller cheesing as always

Ts & Ps to Von Miller

Personally I only care because if their defense is ass, then the offense is less likely to run it. I have Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay in fantasy!! Please just be a bad sprain and you’ll make it back mid season or so. Get me ready for my playoff push. Other than that, I don’t really give a damn about the Broncos. They have become like The Browns, ya know? Like “whoopty doo!”. I just like my guy. Von is a solid dude and he has always been a model player. He is a nice soft dude but a savage on the field. That style of player is solid. Ts & Ps for the future Hall of Famer. We are days away from kick off people, I hope you’re freaking ready! Fuck Goodell and have a great evening!

Goodell screws Saints again
Goodell is a hoe. Thank you. -WhoDat Nation

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