As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse, there was a UFO sighting in Idaho last night. I actually ended up watching the live stream in real time and it did look suspect. Any extra terrestrial life form will take a look at America for two seconds and say “ehh maybe not”. We are in shambles right now for many reasons, but for any Aliens potentially looking to make peace, now isn’t the best time. Although for any aliens looking to conquer our planet, now is the perfect time. So strap on your tin foil hat and bunker up.

Is that actually a UFO formation? Probably not. It is more than likely fake, but I’m no scientist. This would just be the icing on the cake that is 2020. Every new month is a new level, first we suffer the loss of Kobe Bryant, then Covid-19 hits, now the entire country is in the midst of protesting police brutality. Oh and don’t forget the murder hornets, the god damn murder hornets that are now like #4 on the list of our problems. It is one thing after another this year, and now a UFO sighting. Aliens or no aliens, you be the judge. To all of our Louisiana readers, we also have the earliest developing system in the Gulf since they have been tracking storms. Expected to make landfall this weekend, everyone stay safe.