Tyrod Taylor’s Lung Punctured by Trainer?

Yes, you read that right. Tyrod Taylor’s lung was punctured by a team trainer. According to Adam Schefter, the team’s doctor was giving Taylor a pain killer injection after warmups Sunday and accidentally punctured his lung. I know all my fantasy football folks were scratching their heads as to why he was ruled out after warmups. Especially with a chest injury. Needless to say, I think we can understand why now.

Taylor was injured in the Chargers’ first game against the Bengals with two cracked ribs. That explains the need for the injection but how does that happen? Apparently the injection is given in a spot where the doctor cannot see the needle which sounds terrifying but still. I’ve never heard of something like this in my life or in sports history in general.

What does the future hold for Tyrod and the Chargers?

Obviously, we can assume that Tyrod is going to miss a considerable amount of time. And with first-round draft pick Justin Herbert going 22-33 with 311 yds 1 TD 1 INT the Chargers should not rush Taylor back. Tyrod’s job is still safe when he comes back according to head coach Anthony Lynn. Lynn was quoted as saying, “I know what to expect from him and what he’s going to get done,” “If Tyrod can’t go and we have to go with Justin, I am perfectly content with that. I know we can win with either quarterback. But the veteran quarterback right now gives us the best chance to win. It’s not like we won the damn game. We lost last time I checked.”

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