Tom Ain’t So Terrific Anymore

Another Thursday night game is in the books and one thing is clear, Tom ain’t so terrific anymore. Ole tongue kissing Tom Brady went a pedestrian 25/41 for 253 yards and 1 touchdown. A very game manager type game, except he didn’t manage the game very well at all. In fact, it appeared that Tom may be suffering from early-onset dementia as he didn’t realize that the final play was in fact 4th down. It wasn’t until after he held his hand up with four fingers like the water boy asking to “slap hands” that someone informed him that the game was indeed over.

Tampa Bay has a Super Team??

Does this team appear to be a “super team”? No, they do not. I see a washed-up quarterback with a shitty offensive line and a whiney bitch as his #1 receiver. Everybody was drooling over the fact that Rob Gronkowski decided to join Tom in Tampa. That would have been intimidating 5 surgeries ago. They just lost to an average at best Chicago Bears team. I keep hearing all of this talk about Drew Brees being washed up, but the golden boy seems to be the one hanging on by a thread. One thing is for certain, Tom ain’t so terrific anymore, and he very well may have early-onset dementia. Who Dat?!

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