Time To Cut Our Losses With Marcus Davenport?

Davenport needs to go!

Whodats, is it time to cut our losses with Marcus Davenport? Let’s look at just the past 365 days. December 2019, Marcus Davenport suffered a season ending foot injury. When we needed him for the playoff push, we didn’t have our number 2 defensive end. Fast forward to training camp 2020, Davenport suffered an elbow injury that kept him out our first three week of the season. Marcus was finally limited at practice Wednesday giving all who dats hope that our line would be complete going into game 4. Unfortunately whodats, Davenport was injured again with a toe injury and is now listed questionable for the matchup against The Lions.

Marcus Davenport needs to be traded off our defensive line

Marcus Davenport has become a liability!

This guy has become a liability. He cannot finish a season to save his life! We pay him too much money for him to be a bench warmer or sitting out in the stands watching the game go on. Let Trey Hendrickson take over or go for someone else in the draft. I don’t care at this point. Shy Tuttle, Sheldon Rankins, Malcom Roach, Cam Jordan, Malcom Brown, and David Onyemata?! We have got the depth! I understand that injuries are a part of the game but hot damn! For a team that will be about 87 million dollars over the cap we need to make some moves. Him and Andrus Peat need to hit the road. Both of them are ALWAYS injured.

Think about it my fellow whodats, Nick Easton, Erik McCoy, Ceasar Ruiz, Ryan Ramczyk and Terron Armstead are perfect. Nick Easton is solid and Erik McCoy is a fucking beast! Did y’all see our boy book it to help clear a path for Alvin Kamara?! Then we have gobs of contracts coming up in Ryan Ramczyk, Marshon Lattimore, and Marcus Williams. We need to start “trimming the fat”. What better way to start than chalking up the deuces to number 92? What are your thoughts whodats? Talk to me.

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