Tiger Woods Is Back

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods will tee it up next week at The Memorial Tournament and golf will become a little less boring for the average person. For avid golf fans, we have become accustomed to long waits between Big Cat appearances and it makes each one that much sweeter.

Chasing History

Already tied for the most PGA Tour victories at 82, Tiger Woods is 3 majors behind Jack Nicklaus. At 44 years old, time is not on Tiger’s side, but his game is. Arguably the most dominant player in all of sports history, Tiger is still one of the best players on tour. His tenacious presence is felt by all of the players weather it’s his demeaning stares or large crowds in pursuit. Tiger is a master at controlling the moment and the momentum of his crowds. The same will be true at The Memorial Tournament where he hopes to prepare his game for the upcoming majors.

What To Look For

Tiger has perfected peaking his game just in time for the majors. His schedule is adjusted to allow him the perfect amount of practice and tournament reps to ensure his game is in top shape entering the majors. Do not expect a win already. Tiger will have had much less tournament reps this season than most top PGA players. We want to see Tiger get into contention this week and keep his back healthy all 4 days. If Tiger accomplishes this next week, be prepared to open your wallets and watch history unfold come major tournament time.

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