Thom Brennaman Loses His Job In Six Words

Former Reds Announcer

Thom Brennaman was the Reds play by play announcer. Emphasis on the “was” part of that sentence. I know everyone is collectively thinking “No, not Thom.” Just kidding, I, along with most of you have never heard of Thom Brennaman until yesterday. Ole Thom got caught on a hot mic and in today’s climate, what he said might as well have been verbal suicide. Here is the Cincinnatti Reds’ official statement on the incident.

“The F*g Capitol Of The World”- Thom Brennaman

A hot mic has gotten the best of many people. It appears Thom was referring to Kansas City when using the homophobic slur. Although we don’t know that for sure, I will anxiously await a follow-up comment from Mr. Brennaman. Clearly he realized what he had just done and knew he had a very short amount of time until he was shit-canned. His apology video is even better.

The Perfectly Timed Home Run

So Thom Brennaman is on air apologizing for what he had just been caught saying. In the middle of his heart-felt apology, Nick Castellanos hits a moon shot to left-center. What does Thom do? In true commentating fashion, he says to hell with this apology and makes the call on the home run. I’m going to be completely honest, I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I saw the apology video. “As there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos, it will be a home run.” If there was ever a time to not make the call on what is happening on the field, that was it. I guess he figured this might be the last play by play call he ever makes, so why not go out on a bomb? I will say this, everyone will come out of the woodwork to drag this man through the mud and he may deserve it. Just make sure not to throw stones in a glasshouse.

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