The Washington Football Team

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing your new 2020 Washington Football Team! Not the Redtails, Warriors, or Sentinels! You’re going to sit there Dan Snyder and tell me you and your board brainstormed and the best y’all could come up with was The Washington Football Team. Dude what are y’all on?! Sir you’re going to pass on The Sentinels? How dare you disrespect Shane Falco like that. He didn’t leave his peaceful life on a boat to take over for that dick and get his team into the playoffs to turn around and be deuced on like this. I mean look if you went with The Washington Redtails, okay. I can live with that because it’s pretty cool.

To turn around and be like, “Hey so there’s been inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment, a racist name, and our sponsors are pulling out. Let’s go ahead and change our name to something good, The Washington Football Team!” Lay off the crack pipe dude. That name is worse than your football team which is saying something. The Warriors would have been better which I thought was an ass name so there’s that. Just what the balls Snyder? I know this is “pending” and not a final name but good lord man. I hope your defense team is better than your marketing team.

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