The Saints Are About to Start Marching

It’s Monday morning after a 37-30 loss to the Green Bay Packers, so not the best start to a Monday. With that being said, I am here to tell you that the Saints are about to start marching. I am going to breakdown the offensive and defensive sides of the ball and explain why I am optimistic that we will start clicking.

The Defense Has to Play Better

I personally am pointing the finger at Dennis Allen. I think DA has done a shit job of dialing up blitzes and defensive scheming. Look at the Patriots on Sunday for example, New England held Darren Waller to two catches for nine yards. Why? Because Bill Belichick doesn’t allow your best player to beat him. We saw time and time again where Dennis Allen refused to double cover Darren Waller. We have talent on every level of our defense. Cam Jordan’s lack of an impact has been alarming and we are missing Marcus Davenport, who I expect to play this week in Detroit. The defense made the key 4th down stop when we needed it. Outside of week one, they have looked mediocre at best but they will get it together starting this week. Also just for the record, the officiating has fucking horrible, like unbelievably bad. From the horse-collar that wasn’t, to the spotting of the ball on the 4th down stop, to the pass interference calls. It is every week with this bullshit.

Lackluster Offensive Start?

Last week Sean Payton said, “I have to do a better job calling plays”. Plain and simple. Do you know what Sean Payton said after last night’s game? He said, “I have to do a better job calling plays”. So when are we going to start doing a better job, Coach Payton? The time to start doing better is right NOW! The defense got us the ball back at midfield late in the 4th quarter in a tie game. We then decide to put Taysom Hill under center, who instead of handing the ball to Latavius Murray who averaged five yards per rush, decides to keep the ball himself and take on Za’darius Smith. Taysom then fumbles and we give the ball right back to Green Bay. I want to personally go on record and say that I am sick and tired of the Taysom Hill experiment at quarterback. Keep the ball in your Hall of Fame quarterback’s hands. We need Michael Thomas back, watch how the offense opens up when he comes back.

Next Up, Detroit

The Saints are about to start marching. We just played a Green Bay team that will be in the playoffs and did enough to win the game. Drew Brees’ arm looks fine to me. That touchdown pass to Emmanual Sanders had some zip on it. Sean Payton and Dennis Allen need to do a better job. We will see this team turn a corner this weekend against a Lions team that just got their first win. I fully expect the Saints to be 5-2 heading into the second match-up with Tampa Bay. Also, are there any more “Kamara isn’t worth the money” people left? Good god what a horrendous take that was. That man is worth every penny and then some. Stay strong Who Dat Nation, this is still our year.

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