The Rock Is Buying The XFL

Can You Smell What The Rock Is Buying?

I roll out of bed this Monday morning just minding my own business and then I see the news. The Rock is buying the XFL. He along with an investor group has purchased the XFL for $15 million. The XFL is like a roach, you just can’t kill the son of a bitch. Right when you think it’s gone, it scurries off into the darkness only to show its face again.

Match Made In Heaven?

The XFL was originally started in 2000 by Vince McMahon. Is there a better replacement owner than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Maybe Stone Cold, but that’s it. The Rock is arguably the most popular athlete that WWE has ever produced. Not to mention he is one of the highest-earning actors in the business, so he is not short on funds to make this ship sail.

Was The XFL 2.0 A Failure?

So The Rock is buying the XFL, but the XFL 2.0 was not a failure in my opinion. The XFL got extremely unlucky with the Covid-19 outbreak which forced them to shut down yet again. The brand of football was night and day better than back in 2000 and the sideline reporting was top notch. The referee system was much better than the NFL’s and then you throw in a few unique rule changes. So no, the XFL reboot was not a failure, but if it falls through a 3rd time, then it’s done, let it die.

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