The Notorious vs The Spider?

Conor Mcgregor & Anderson Silva

Oh yeah sugar plum you heard me right! “The Notorious” Conor McGregor (22-4) may face off against the ancient artifact that was Anderson “The Spider” Silva(34-10). So you’re thinking one of two things, “This will be legendary. Makes sense, there is plenty of money to make in this bout.” The next would be kind of how I am feeling, “Let’s ask Arnold schwarzenegger to go compete at a show!”. Give me a break! He was at best, maybe 40-50% what he was at his prime against Cannonier and Adesanya. So do we really want to see The Spider vs The Notorious?

For Those Deuces and Them Giggles

“That’s boxing! His little brother does the UFC durrr! Okay cheesedick I get it. I like ol’ Mike better!

This sparks a little interest because of a recent video of a 53 year old. The Iron Champ moved like water with his combinations. His body was fully involved with every swing, perfection. If Anderson “The Spider” Silva can get his team to have one hell of a camp, it could be a fight. That is 185 lbs of a Brazilian monster. I understand the proposed match is intended for 176 lbs. However as soon as weigh ins are over, it’s fair game! Let me ask you, are you going to put on more weight when your body is dehydrated or when you have been bulking? The Spider is cutting nine pounds. He can go sit in the sauna for a few hours, go weigh in, and then eat well. He’ll gain it all back before nights end.

“In your face Belfort and thank you Steven Seagul”

Every Spider has their day!

So like I said, chances are The Spider will probably be around his walk-around weight for the match. Silva has fought all of the greats. Barring the the rumors who psyched all of us fight fans up. The gladiator Silva never fought GSP or “Bones” Jones. GSP still hinting at a comeback and Jones? Well I think he is a little preoccupied at the moment. However, the old tarantula still held the Middleweight Title for the longest streak up to date (2,457 days). Within this period, this legend of a human being beat the likes of Marquardt, Rich Franklin twice, and Henderson. Spider beat “American Gangster” Chael Sonnen and last but not least one of my favorites, Forrest Griffin. Dude is a legend!

“No No Notorious!!!”

Here is where the problem lies, his new opponent is different than all other’s he has faced. My favorite UFC fighter Conor McGregor is an artist on the canvas. That left, how it comes over and down. The way his fist snaps into the temple, it is a thing of beauty. Conor fears no man and although that isn’t always the brightest approach, it is a dangerous mindset. Conor demolished the once legend Jose Aldo at 145 lbs in seconds back in 2015.

Quite Possibly the Biggest Balls Among Modern Gladiators

In 2016, The Notorious was supposed to take on Rafael Dos Anjos to hold the Feather Weight Title and the Light Weight Title! Unfortunately, Dos Anjos broke his foot and had to back out. Everyone declined to step in until the UFC called upon the one of the few who will never turn down a fight. Nate Diaz, younger brother of Nick and season five winner on the hit show, The Ultimate Fighter, declined to come down to 155 lbs. The chest out and birds up put his proverbial foot down and requested the match be at 170 lbs.

Most guys would just say they are out. But oh no, not our Irish boy! Weeks out and fifteen pounds down, our guy says “fook it!” Sure he gets winded and ends up tapping. We know. However I hear guys and gals cry all the time how they can’t put on or lose weight. In the fighting and grappling world, 10+ lbs. is a world’s difference. So yeah, a logical or experienced person would sort of predict Conor losing that first match.

Conor was walking in at 170 lbs, whereas Diaz probably stepped into the cage at 175 maybe 178 lbs. What happened in that second match with a full camp? Conor um whooped that ass? At 170 Conor is 2-1, Diaz a solid win and Cerrone? The Cowboy wasn’t ready for what Conor was bringing. I am sorry bud, I really am. I love the Cowboy, but it was over before it began.

“Who The Fook Is That Guy?” – The Notorious

The Notorious has put a whooping on everyone! From Aldo, Alvarez, Poirier, Mendes, and Holloway. Some pretty solid names. Now yes sir you are right! I can hear you screaming “Khabib” in my Sony WH-XB900Ns, it’s impressive fighter fan! Khabib did handle McGregor. I have to watch that match again because if I am not mistaken I remember thinking McGregor isn’t fighting clear headed and isn’t taking the man seriously. I still would like to see that rematch.

My guy does not give a DAMN what we think.

Taunting With The Spider and Mr. Notorious

“Alright slapdick we get it! They’re both studs!” Yes you are right kind sir and that is a big part of why it could be a good match. With great camps, this could be a real bout. However, now lets get into what made most of the Irishman’s bouts so intriguing. His fights pull such big numbers because in part he is a wonderful salesman. McGregor is wonderful with controversy. He gets deep into his opponent’s skin. From the “panty night” comments, bringing families into the equation (i.e. Khabib), or just being a dick. The Notorious really knows how to embrace his inner Muhammad Ali and Iron Mike.

Speaking of Ali, there is another who loves tapping into the old man’s in the ring tactics. Taunting Mr. Maia and pissing off ol’ Dana White off so bad he doesn’t present the champion with his belt. Even the little antics against my boy Forrest Griffin, Spider loves stirring it in the cage. This also would be fantastic watch, a more classful McGregor vs Mayweather buildup. A lot of fight fans view McGregor as a villain but I will tell you Silva was mine as a teenager. I didn’t like how embarrassed Silva made his opponents look. Maia and Griffin just really stick with me. Talk all the trash you want, but you respect the person when they walk in that door. You don’t stall and extend the fight “just cause”.

So What’s Going to Happen?

Well my friends it is getting to be around that time. What are we doing? We going to have some fun or just fantasize like GSP and Bones? It all comes down to the baldy who made this world what it is. Dana has nearly always made the right move by us as fans and his business. If he thinks this fight is worth making, he will find a way to do it. I believe this because not only he himself a fight fan, but he has kind of a hard time telling Conor no. Below are a couple of highlights to just get those hearts racing and those cravings for some gladiators going. As always thank you for hanging out with me and bullshitting over some of our heroes.

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