The NFL Hosed New Orleans Again

If you haven’t heard by now, the Saints did not get Jadeveon Clowney. Once again, the NFL hosed New Orleans. Clowney was the most sought after free agent in the league this year. The versatile pass-rusher has been on the market for months and then we hear that New Orleans is making a strong push for him. Now that the dust has settled, let’s take a look at what happened.

Coach Payton Made A House Call

You know the Saints were pushing hard when Sean Payton shows up to your home. It was no secret that we wanted Clowney, although we didn’t really have the cap space to get him. Insert the brilliance of Mickey Loomis, the Titans had offered Clowney $12 million, plus incentives that would total out to about $15 million. New Orleans had already offered $10 million but were going to be outbid by Tennessee. So Mickey gets another team involved to perform a “sign-and-trade” deal. This team would sign Clowney to a deal worth $10 million but include a signing bonus of five million dollars. We would then send them cash and another player/draft pick and bingo, we have Jadeveon Clowney.

What Went Wrong?

Rodger Goodell is what went wrong. Rat faced Roger and the NFL front office informed the Saints and whoever the other team was that the deal would not be allowed to go through. We saw a deal similar to this when Brock Osweiler was traded a few years back, so why was that one allowed to happen? This is just another episode in the battle between New Orleans and the NFL. So again, the NFL hosed New Orleans.

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