The Match II

The Match II

Golf is back, and I’m not talking about the PGA. On Sunday is “The Match II”, Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning versus Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. This is the rematch of the first meeting we saw between Tiger and Phil back on November 23rd of 2018. Phil Mickelson took home the $9 Million dollar cash prize. They are running it back, this time adding the 2nd and 3rd best quarterbacks of all time. This is just what the doctor ordered, up close and personal with some of the best athletes of all time and Charles Barkley as a commentator.

The Match II Rules And Twists

The front nine of this contest will be played as “best ball”. The two teams will write the best score from each hole on the card, but there is a twist on the 5th hole. They are only allowed to use one club and a putter for the entire hole, this is right up Phil’s alley. I know guys who can’t finish a hole with all of their clubs, so this will be interesting. On the back nine, all four players will tee off, each team will pick one of those shots to play from, and then partners will alternate shots. Charles Barkley will be playing a hole with the guys for charity as well.

What Are The Odds & Who Will Win?

Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of all time if you ask me. I’m going to always lean towards Eldrick, but we saw Phil win two years ago in the head to head match. Another thing to consider is that we saw Tom Brady win a tournament with Michael Jordan, but Mike could have probably carried Barkley to a victory. The odds currently sit at -210 for Tiger and Peyton, so they are heavy favorites here. We will see Mannings giant forehead glistening in the sun, and as long as Tiger lays off the Ambien they should win. +170 for Phil and Tom is good value though, anything can happen. We dive into this in more detail on the Big Easy Bets podcast.

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