The Last Dance: The Greatest Ever?

The Last Dance

We saw The Last Dance come to its conclusion last night. The 10-part documentary showed us an unparalleled look into the greatest team ever assembled. It is universally known who the greatest athlete of all time is, but this documentary allowed us to see him like never before. So my question is simply, is this the greatest documentary ever made?

The Last Dance: The Greatest About The Greatest

Basketball has been a huge part of my life. I played, my Dad and uncle played, and my Grandfather even played in the NBA. So I have always had a connection to the game, I remember watching the Michael Jordan VHS tapes as a kid. He was a real-life super hero, different than any player before him. So to get this in depth behind the scenes look was special. Jordan was worried that people would not like him as a person after seeing the footage. I think it’s the opposite, he is going to be even more widely respected as the greatest ever after seeing the lengths he was willing to go to win. The documentary chronicles the 1998 championship season but also covers his run in with the “Bad Boys” of Detroit, the Pacers, Sonics, and more.

We got to see what it really takes to win, the necessary sacrifice. It was also great to see MJ and Scottie cracking a couple beers after the game, and Rodmans sporadic Vegas trips. We also got to see some good footage from Steve Kerr. This documentary covered everything, it was fantastic and exactly what we needed during the quarantine. Can you name a better documentary?

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