The Halting of Fitzmagic

The halting of Fitzmagic is upon us. We knew Tua Tagovailoa was going to end up starting but why now? I thought that his drive last Sunday was to merely get him some reps and let him get out on the field. However, this was not the case. Of course, our NFL Insider Adam Schefter broke the news of the Rookie getting called up. I am excited as anyone to see Tua get his start in the NFL, however at what expense. Fitzmagic was playing pretty well. He didn’t do overly hot in games one and four, but two and three he had two touchdowns and no picks. His average QBR in four games is 81.6, not too shabby. He is 7th in QBR in the NFL behind the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rogers, and Drew Brees. Pretty solid company.

Why end Fitzmagic’s time now?

Why throw the rook into the lion’s den? To me, it doesn’t make sense. I know the kid is itching to get back onto the field and live out his dream. His college experience didn’t end quite the way he had dreamt it would have. Yet why not let him sit and learn from a quarterback that has been through it all. He has been with the league how many years? 15? Come on plus to make it spicy, he is a Harvard graduate. He brings so much to the table and the team openly talks about him as their leader. He is said to be a great locker room guy.

Fitzmagic swagged out in D-Jack's gear.
Fitzmagic swagged out D-Jack’s gear

Miami what exactly are you doing? Let Tua sit a whole year, maybe come in the late season if playoff hopes are gone. Let him continue to rest, rehab, and learn. Mold him into your next franchise quarterback. Again, I am uber pumped to see Tagovailoa play! The biggest concern is don’t let him be another Sam Darnold. Don’t let him go out there and just get demolished.

Put some respect on Fitzmagic’s name!

Also, can we talk about how much it sucked seeing that dude hurt like that? “Broke his heart” and “Like being fired”. Side bar… I have seen some of folks writing, “Yeah but you make millions of dollars” or “Oh boohoo you sit on the bench and don’t have to run for your life.” To those people, have you never loved anything? If you have to think about when or if it got taken away from you. That is Ryan Fitzpatrick. This man has been getting shit on and still showing up day in and day out to fling the rock. Put a little respect on my guy’s name. end rant.

Ryan Fitzmagic was visually hurt by this decision. I mean it was pretty disrespectful in my opinion. He is your leader and before Game 6 you’re just like ahh actually we are going to roll with the kid who came back from a potentially career-ending injury in record time. Hopefully, the Dolphins aren’t making “Dolphin” decisions, although the halting of Fitzmagic seems to be right on cue. Both are solid dudes and I want the best for their careers. I don’t believe the speculation of him demanding a trade holds water. He isn’t that type of dude. Miami clearly is that organization but not Fitzy.

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