The Golden Boy, Nearing his Golden Years, Ends Retirement

The Golden Boy

The Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya, announced that he is coming out of retirement. Is boxing legends coming out of retirement one of the side effects of the COVID pandemic? Seriously, someone needs to investigate this. About a month ago, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. announced that they were coming out of retirement to face each other in an exhibition match. Like Mike Tyson, De La Hoya quit on the stool the last time he competed professionally. That was in the eighth round against Manny Pacquiao. Unlike Tyson, De La Hoya isn’t interested in an exhibition fight. At the age of 47, The Golden Boy wants to fight professionally again.

Has Oscar De La Hoya lost his mind? He’s nearly half a century old and he last fought professionally twelve years ago. He doesn’t need the money. So, why does The Golden Boy want to return to the ring?

Has The Golden Boy Found His Way Back to Cocaine?

De La Hoya told ESPN, “I miss being in the ring, I love boxing. Boxing is what gave me everything I have today, and I just miss it.” He also said, “I’m going to start sparring in the next few weeks”. The last time Oscar tried to spar, he couldn’t get out of bed the next morning. For those who don’t remember, Oscar was hinting at a comeback in 2015. When interviewed by Yahoo Sports, he said, “I actually was going to come back, and I did start training and I even sparred ten rounds. Look, the body can’t take it anymore. After sparring ten rounds, running a few miles, the next day I literally couldn’t get out of bed.” Oscar was 42 then, he’s 47 now. So, what’s changed?

Oscar De La Hoya dressing up in women’s underwear.

Oscar De La Hoya has been open about his addiction to alcohol and cocaine, along with being unfaithful to his wife. Let’s hope, for Oscar’s sake, that he’s put away the booze and the cocaine. If he wants to put on the panties and take pictures, that’s his business.

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