The Dallas Cowboys are Down and Out

Today is a dark day in Dallas Texas. Put yourself in the shoes of a Cowboys fan. The season waivered in the balance with uncertainty on if it would be played at all, then you get the word that it’s on. Dallas had a lot of hype around them and was even a popular SuperBowl choice. Fast forward to today as we are only a measly six games into the season and the Dallas Cowboys are down and out.

Dazed and Confused in Dallas

The Cowboys currently sit at 2-5 and 3rd place in the division. The loss of Dak Prescott was a brutal loss, but many thought Andy Dalton could step in with no problem. Wrong. Dalton has looked awful under center for “America’s team”. Dalton was 9/19 for 75 yards and 1 interception, decent yards for a running-back, not so much for a quarterback. The entire offensive line is hurt and Zeke keeps fumbling the football. What were once Superbowl aspirations are now prayers for an 8-8 year. Check on your friends who are fans of “America’s Team” because the Dallas Cowboys are down and out.

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