Thanos Returns

Zion Williamson

On July 30th, Thanos returns to the NBA. One of the biggest questions about the bubble in Orlando, is how are the players going to be coming back? With gyms being closed, most athletes have had to become reliant on their home gyms or using different objects around the house to help with exercises. On Instagram July 2nd, The New Orleans Pelicans posted a photo of Zion Williamson reflecting one of his favorite characters, Thanos.

Guys, to be honest with weight always being a worry with Zion, I really thought the gumbo, cornbread, beignets, red beans, and fried catfish were going to get to him. I thought this man was regressing back to his 300+ lbs. Then Thursday the Pels “drop some fire” showing a monster we haven’t seen before! Not even in college did that young man have veins popping out like that!

Thanos is here, people! Now I am somewhat of an optimist, so I believe we have a solid shot at making the playoffs. I mean guys, we are Saints fans. I have every reason to believe pro sports are rigged. Zion pulls in too many views, meaning more money! We have one of the easiest schedules, sure! Now let’s not forget, although easy, it is harder than pre-bubble. Look we need a lot to go our way, but I have faith! We are going to make the 8th seed. We won’t get too deep, but we aren’t breaking J.J.’s streak! CAWWWWW!!!!

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