Taysom Hill Needs a Time-Out

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think it needs to be said. Taysom Hill needs a time-out. Let me start by saying that I believe Taysom is an asset and a weapon. I think he creates a mismatch in a lot of cases and is productive on the field. Taysom has become a fan favorite as the heir apparent to Drew Brees, let’s address that.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

I can’t get over the fact that in the 4th quarter of a tie ball game with one of the best teams in the league, Sean Payton decided to take the ball out of Brees’ hands and give it to Taysom. The defense just made the biggest play of the game and we get the ball back with great field position. STOP TAKING THE BALL OUT OF BREES’ HANDS!!! We had scored on four straight possessions at that point in the game. Taysom decides to not hand the ball to Latavius Murray and tries to take on Green Bay’s best defensive lineman, advantage Green Bay.

Is Taysom The Heir Apparent?

The answer is no. He is exciting and fun to watch when he is trucking a corner in the secondary, but he is not the answer at quarterback. Every casual fan fell in love with the idea of Taysom at quarterback after he underthrew Deonte Harris on a deep ball in the playoffs last year. Harris made a great adjustment and came back to the ball. If the throw is on the money, it’s a touchdown. The ball was underthrown by a guy who completed 58% of his passes in college. I don’t understand this love affair with Taysom Hill at quarterback, you are smoking crack if you think he gives us the best chance to win over Brees. So when I say Taysom Hill needs a time-out, my solution is not to keep him on the bench. He is an asset in the passing game and blocking as well. You could put him in a split backfield with Kamara and run a screen to either one. What I do NOT want to see, is Taysom Hill with the ball being forced to make a decision late in the game. Drew Brees is the best decision-maker we have. Let him decide what to do with the ball because there is nobody better.

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