Alvin Kamara is on a Record-Setting Pace

We are a quarter of the way through the 2020 NFL season and Alvin Kamara is on a record-setting pace. The widely popular all-purpose back has 7 touchdowns through 4 games. This means he is on pace for a whopping 28 touchdowns, which would shatter the franchise record of 18 touchdowns set by Dalton Hilliard.Continue reading “Alvin Kamara is on a Record-Setting Pace”

Taysom Hill Needs a Time-Out

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think it needs to be said. Taysom Hill needs a time-out. Let me start by saying that I believe Taysom is an asset and a weapon. I think he creates a mismatch in a lot of cases and is productive on the field. Taysom has become aContinue reading “Taysom Hill Needs a Time-Out”

The Saints Dominate in Home Opener

Week one is nearly in the books and the headline should read “The Saints dominate Brady and the Bucs”. That is what this game was, domination. In a previous article, where I break down each game on the schedule, you could see that I clearly wasn’t worried about the over-hyped Buccaneers. Sean Payton has alreadyContinue reading “The Saints Dominate in Home Opener”

Empty Super Dome Week One

It has been announced that due to COVID-19, we will have an empty Super Dome for week one. This is extremely disappointing due to the fact that week one is against the division rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The same Buccaneers who just so happened to pick up a future Hall of Fame quarterback, one whoContinue reading “Empty Super Dome Week One”

Cameron Jordan, The 2nd Most Savage Saint

Can we agree that Cameron Jordan is the 2nd most savage Saint? Obviously Coach Payton is sitting up at one but Cam Jordan is right there. Coach Payton is at one with the cash antics, using the wrong sponsors during the draft, and stealing Tommy Stevens from The Carolina Panthers in the seventh round. AlthoughContinue reading “Cameron Jordan, The 2nd Most Savage Saint”

Cam Jordan Had A Nightmare

New Orleans Saints All-Pro defensive end Cam Jordan had a nightmare last night. In the dream, we trade Cam to Green Bay. That is a nightmare, that weather and now the quarterback drama between Rodgers and Jordan Love? No thanks. In his dream, Cam was only three sacks away from the Saints’ all-time record. ThisContinue reading “Cam Jordan Had A Nightmare”

Roman Harper And Jahri Evans Saints 2020 HOF

It was announced on Tuesday that Roman Harper and Jahri Evans will be inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame. These two guys are about as deserving as any Saints player before them. If you are looking to make the Saints Hall of Fame, it helps to have been apart of that 06′ draft orContinue reading “Roman Harper And Jahri Evans Saints 2020 HOF”