Will The Real Tom Brady Please Stand Up?

Will the real Tom Brady please stand up? This was essentially the question asked once we found out that Tom was headed to Tampa. Finally, we will get to see the “greatest of all time” out from under the weight of the “Patriot Way”. Well, it turns out that Captain America isn’t such a greatContinue reading “Will The Real Tom Brady Please Stand Up?”

Tom Ain’t So Terrific Anymore

Another Thursday night game is in the books and one thing is clear, Tom ain’t so terrific anymore. Ole tongue kissing Tom Brady went a pedestrian 25/41 for 253 yards and 1 touchdown. A very game manager type game, except he didn’t manage the game very well at all. In fact, it appeared that TomContinue reading “Tom Ain’t So Terrific Anymore”

Cameron Jordan, The 2nd Most Savage Saint

Can we agree that Cameron Jordan is the 2nd most savage Saint? Obviously Coach Payton is sitting up at one but Cam Jordan is right there. Coach Payton is at one with the cash antics, using the wrong sponsors during the draft, and stealing Tommy Stevens from The Carolina Panthers in the seventh round. AlthoughContinue reading “Cameron Jordan, The 2nd Most Savage Saint”

The Match II Recap

Yesterday we had the pleasure of witnessing arguably the most star-studded golf foursome ever. Dubbed The Match II, we saw Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning take on Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. It was not all sunshine and rainbows (pun intended). The guys had to play the majority of the match in a torrential downpour,Continue reading “The Match II Recap”

The Match II

Golf is back, and I’m not talking about the PGA. On Sunday is “The Match II”, Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning versus Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. This is the rematch of the first meeting we saw between Tiger and Phil back on November 23rd of 2018. Phil Mickelson took home the $9 Million dollarContinue reading “The Match II”