Roger Goodell Hates New Orleans

Roger Goodell hates New Orleans, and New Orleans hates him back. This relationship rivals David vs. Goliath at this point. Ever since Bounty Gate, which was the biggest sham in the history of the league, Goodell has had it out for New Orleans. Apparently suspending Sean Payton for an entire season wasn’t enough. The SaintsContinue reading “Roger Goodell Hates New Orleans”

The Saints Need Earl Thomas Now

The New Orleans Saints currently sit at 4-2 and are in a battle for the NFC South division lead. As always, the glaring weakness for New Orleans is in the secondary, specifically at safety. Malcolm Jenkins has been pedestrian at best after reuniting with the team that drafted him, although the biggest issue has beenContinue reading “The Saints Need Earl Thomas Now”

The Saints are Marching!

It’s official, the Saints are marching! New Orleans was able to pull off the 27-24 victory over Teddy Bridgewater and the Panthers. We now sit at 4-2 and have the Bears up next on the schedule. My Takeaways The offense put together an incredible performance. Balanced in the rushing and passing game. We saw DrewContinue reading “The Saints are Marching!”

Someone Attempted to Carjack…Gayle Benson?!

News just broke this morning that someone attempted to carjack Gayle Benson. Mrs. Benson is undoubtedly the most powerful woman in American sports as she owns the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans. The report stated that the thief got into the car and immediately got out and back into his own car after Mrs. BensonContinue reading “Someone Attempted to Carjack…Gayle Benson?!”

Alvin Kamara is on a Record-Setting Pace

We are a quarter of the way through the 2020 NFL season and Alvin Kamara is on a record-setting pace. The widely popular all-purpose back has 7 touchdowns through 4 games. This means he is on pace for a whopping 28 touchdowns, which would shatter the franchise record of 18 touchdowns set by Dalton Hilliard.Continue reading “Alvin Kamara is on a Record-Setting Pace”

Time To Cut Our Losses With Marcus Davenport?

Whodats, is it time to cut our losses with Marcus Davenport? Let’s look at just the past 365 days. December 2019, Marcus Davenport suffered a season ending foot injury. When we needed him for the playoff push, we didn’t have our number 2 defensive end. Fast forward to training camp 2020, Davenport suffered an elbowContinue reading “Time To Cut Our Losses With Marcus Davenport?”

Taysom Hill Needs a Time-Out

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think it needs to be said. Taysom Hill needs a time-out. Let me start by saying that I believe Taysom is an asset and a weapon. I think he creates a mismatch in a lot of cases and is productive on the field. Taysom has become aContinue reading “Taysom Hill Needs a Time-Out”