Myles Brennan Might Be Sidelined For The Year?

LSU is set to take on South Carolina this weekend and the rumors are circulating. The worry is that Myles Brennan might be sidelined for the year. A potential season-ending hip injury that could also be classified as an abdomen injury. The worry is that this injury is worse than initially thought. Brennan had hisContinue reading “Myles Brennan Might Be Sidelined For The Year?”

Will Wade Offered “Impermissible Payments”

The NCAA says, LSU’s men’s basketball coach, Will Wade offered “impermissible payments” to potential recruits. ESPN got their dirty paws on some documents and what do you know? They start running their mouth. The documents say Wade “arranged for, offered and/or provided impermissible payments, including cash payments, to at least 11 men’s basketball prospective student-athletes,Continue reading “Will Wade Offered “Impermissible Payments””

LSU’s Updated Schedule: Tigers Vs Tigers Vs Tigers

LSU’s updated schedule was released yesterday along with the rest of the SEC. “We’re headed down to the bayou state for a match up between the Tigers and the Tigers”, familiar words for those of you who use to play NCAA Football, the video game. That’s what the game would say when you played aContinue reading “LSU’s Updated Schedule: Tigers Vs Tigers Vs Tigers”

Coach O Is Fighting For The People

Head coach Ed Orgeron is the best thing to happen to LSU since, well, Joe Burrow. On Tuesday Coach O said the country “needs football” while speaking in front of Vice President Mike Pence. This man is fighting the good fight for the people! He’s right, we need football. NFL and College. Coach O HasContinue reading “Coach O Is Fighting For The People”

Myles Brennan Heisman Odds

We are now in the month of July, which means we begin to turn our attention to football. Myles Brennan will be under center for the defending National Champions. I’m here to tell you that you might need to get that Heisman trophy bet in as soon as possible. Exactly one year ago we startedContinue reading “Myles Brennan Heisman Odds”

Coach O Running With Ray Baker

Everyone and their grandmother has made their way to Florida for Memorial Day weekend. That includes Coach Ed Orgeron, we saw Coach O running with his close personal friend, Ray Baker. Who is Ray Baker? That is what Coach O calls the sun. He runs every single day at high noon, and vacation is clearlyContinue reading “Coach O Running With Ray Baker”

Will Joe Burrow Be The “Tiger King”?

Joe Burrow, will he be the “Tiger King“or could he be just another one hit wonder? LSU knows a few. Has anyone seen JT Barrett? How is Dwayne Haskins doing over in Washington? Both of these gentlemen played over Joe Burrow. JT a free agent, at best on some practice squad. Dwayne? He went toContinue reading “Will Joe Burrow Be The “Tiger King”?”