Coach O Running With Ray Baker

Everyone and their grandmother has made their way to Florida for Memorial Day weekend. That includes Coach Ed Orgeron, we saw Coach O running with his close personal friend, Ray Baker. Who is Ray Baker? That is what Coach O calls the sun. He runs every single day at high noon, and vacation is clearlyContinue reading “Coach O Running With Ray Baker”

Dak Smokin’ Crack?

The Dallas Cowboys have offered Dak Prescott a five-year, 175 million dollar deal. This would make him the highest paid quarterback of all time. This man had the audacity to turn down this deal, which leads me to question if he is indeed smoking crack. It’s reported that Dak doesn’t want a five year deal,Continue reading “Dak Smokin’ Crack?”

Joe Rogan Signs Mega Deal With Spotify

Who is Joe Rogan? If you asked me that question 15 years ago, I would have said, the Fear Factor guy? Today the answer would be that he’s the guy with the best job in the world. Rogan announced yesterday on twitter that by September 1st, his podcast will be available on Spotify. He thenContinue reading “Joe Rogan Signs Mega Deal With Spotify”

Tyson Vs Holyfield III?

As if 2020 hasn’t already been strange enough. An impressive video of Iron Mike hitting the pads surfaced, now there are talks of Tyson Vs Holyfield III. My initial thought is, no thank you. I feel like too many athletes try to “make a comeback” when in reality there is much more to lose thanContinue reading “Tyson Vs Holyfield III?”

The Last Dance: The Greatest Ever?

We saw The Last Dance come to its conclusion last night. The 10-part documentary showed us an unparalleled look into the greatest team ever assembled. It is universally known who the greatest athlete of all time is, but this documentary allowed us to see him like never before. So my question is simply, is thisContinue reading “The Last Dance: The Greatest Ever?”

Kevin Harvick Wins The Real Heroes 400

NASCAR was finally able to get back to racing today. We saw Kevin Harvick win The Real Heroes 400 after starting in 6th place. It felt just like old times, the cars were wrecking, the beer was flowing (from the living room), and the cut off jorts were dusted off. The race went rather smoothlyContinue reading “Kevin Harvick Wins The Real Heroes 400”

NASCAR Lineup Set For Darlington

NASCAR has released the starting lineup for this Sunday’s race at Darlington, so finally we are getting back to racing. In the words of Ricky Bobby, “thank you 8 pound 6 ounce newborn infant Jesus”. The biggest adjustment will be the fact that there is no qualifying round to determine the starting order. Nonetheless itContinue reading “NASCAR Lineup Set For Darlington”