Joe Burrow Impresses on Thursday Night Football

Last night we were able to get our first primetime look at #1 overall pick, Joe Burrow. He did not disappoint as many were singing his praises in a 35-30 loss to the Cleveland Browns. It appears that Joe Burrow impresses his teammates on a daily basis with his leadership and quick grasp of theContinue reading “Joe Burrow Impresses on Thursday Night Football”

Burrow Named a Bengals Team Captain as a Rookie

From day one, rookie quarterback Joe Burrow walked into the Bengals’ locker room with his chain and nuts swinging. Earning nothing but praise from his teammates, the former LSU quarterback has performed well in Fall camp. Bringing leadership and a winning mentality, Burrow has been named a Bengals team captain as a rookie. This isContinue reading “Burrow Named a Bengals Team Captain as a Rookie”

Will Joe Burrow Be The “Tiger King”?

Joe Burrow, will he be the “Tiger King“or could he be just another one hit wonder? LSU knows a few. Has anyone seen JT Barrett? How is Dwayne Haskins doing over in Washington? Both of these gentlemen played over Joe Burrow. JT a free agent, at best on some practice squad. Dwayne? He went toContinue reading “Will Joe Burrow Be The “Tiger King”?”

Joe Burrow Will Make The Pro-Bowl As A Rookie

As expected, Joe Burrow went #1 in the draft to the Cincinnati Bengals. Obviously if Cincy was picking first, then they were the worst team in the league last year. I’m here to tell you that in his rookie season, Joe Burrow will make the Pro-Bowl. Sure you can call me biased, I just watchedContinue reading “Joe Burrow Will Make The Pro-Bowl As A Rookie”