The Lakers Turn Up the Heat in Game One

Game one of the NBA finals is in the books and we saw the Lakers turn up the heat, pun intended. What was initially a great start for Miami quickly turned into the LakeShow. At one point we saw Los Angeles leading by as many as 32 points in the 3rd quarter, and finish withContinue reading “The Lakers Turn Up the Heat in Game One”

Are These NBA Finals Tainted?

The NBA Finals tip-off tonight, we will see the Lakers led by LeBron James take on the Heat led by Jimmy Butler. There has been some chatter going around recently, so there is a question that needs to be asked. Are these NBA finals tainted? We all understand the circumstances that took place which ledContinue reading “Are These NBA Finals Tainted?”

Lou Williams Made A Veteran Decision

Clippers guard Lou Williams is an NBA veteran. The back to back 6th man of the year recently made a veteran decision when deciding to leave the NBA bubble. Williams told NBA officials that he had a “family matter” to attend to, which was true. What Lou forgot to mention was that he wanted toContinue reading “Lou Williams Made A Veteran Decision”