Stan Van Gundy to the Pelicans?

Stan Van Gundy to the Pelicans might become a reality sooner rather than later. Van Gundy met with the Pelicans on Tuesday to discuss their head coaching vacancy. He was one of four candidates that New Orleans was considering, one of which was Ty Lue who is soon to become the head coach of the Clippers.

This is a Very Critical Hire

The Pelicans are on the cusp of real success, a young core of future superstars, and a good mix of veterans. We are a few extra pieces and a quality head coach away from being very competitive. I have already given my two cents on Alvin Gentry, he was not a capable coach. His offensive style just doesn’t work and his lack of game management in the 4th quarter was infuriating.

Will Stan Van Gundy Have Success?

I think so, but it would have been easier for Ty Lue to get across to the young players. With that being said, I think Stan Van Gundy is a much better coach than Ty Lue. We all remember when Stan took the Orlando Magic to the finals after beating LeBron in the Eastern Conference Finals. He holds a 523-384 (.577) regular-season record and 48-43 (.427) playoff record in the NBA. He knows the game of basketball and on another note, he is very up to date with the social injustice issues going on in America. I think he will be able to get across to the players well enough and his quality coaching will show through. He has the support of J.J. Reddick who called Stan the “best coach” he has ever had. So Stan Van Gundy to the Pelicans is a very real possibility and I am all for it.

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