SpongeBob Is Gay?


As if 2020 hasn’t been strange enough. Nickelodeon decided to drop a bombshell on our childhood memories. SpongeBob is gay? He’s a sponge… In reality, this isn’t a big deal to me at all, I really couldn’t care less, but I still find it fishy.

I’m calling bullshit on this idea that SpongeBob is gay. Where is there evidence to back this up? He enjoys jellyfishing, and making Krabby Patties. He took Pearl to prom for God’s sake. Is it because he went to Weenie Hut General? The show was created by Stephen Hillenburg who passed away in 2018. Did Mr. Hillenburg write this in his will? Because In an interview back in the early 2000s, Mr. Hillenburg said that Spongebob was indeed not gay. I need some cold hard evidence to back up this statement. Again, I am more or less just playing around. I have no issue with anyone being apart of the LGBTQ community, nonetheless, this just doesn’t add up and we need to make sure SpongeBob is being properly represented here.

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