Someone Attempted to Carjack…Gayle Benson?!

News just broke this morning that someone attempted to carjack Gayle Benson. Mrs. Benson is undoubtedly the most powerful woman in American sports as she owns the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans. The report stated that the thief got into the car and immediately got out and back into his own car after Mrs. Benson told him to do so.

Talk About a Rough Day at the Office

Pretty much everyone living in Louisiana is a New Orleans Saints fan. So imagine being in New Orleans as a car thief, and you roll up next to one of the nicest cars you have ever seen. You hop in and next thing you know, there’s Mrs. Gayle Benson staring at you all wide-eyed. Nobody in their right mind would willfully steal from the Queen of New Orleans, so the thief made a business decision and quickly got out of the car. He probably told her “Who Dat” on the way out. Luckily Mrs. Benson was unharmed in the process and the thief probably just had to go change his shorts after shitting himself.

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