Should The Saints Really Trade Alvin Kamara?

Should The Saints Really Trade Alvin Kamara?

In the last day or two I’ve been starting to see some takes about the trade rumors surrounding the Saints and Kamara which begs the question: Should the Saints really trade Alvin Kamara or is this all just a negotiating tactic? It was widely thought when it was first reported that this was just typical Sean Payton playing head games. I’m one of those people personally but I’m starting to see some interesting takes on why they actually should. Darius Butler was one of the more popular ones I saw circulating. If the Saints weren’t in Super Bowl or bust mode, I’d probably agree with him but this is Drew’s last ride and Saints are trying to win now, not setup for the future.

Why the Saints should not move Kamara

Listen, I get the appeal of trading a running back of his caliber. He would cost a heavy price for anyone trying to get him and running backs are seemingly a dime a dozen now a days. But folks, the things this man is able to do for us is not something you can just go out and find anywhere. We all know the impact he has in the running and passing game. His ability to lineup anywhere on the field with his route tree is something we’ve never seen from a running back even in today’s game. His athleticism and amazing balance makes him capable of taking any play the distance. One thing that gets looked over is his ability to pass block. Ideally you want him out there running routes and getting the ball in his hands. But when you take into account the weapons the saints have added this year, having that reliable pass blocker in the backfield is a huge asset for Drew. So should the Saints really trade Alvin Kamara? Absolutely not.

Kamara cut blocking lions defender during 2017 regular season game.

Possible landing spots

As I said earlier, I believe this is all a negotiating tactic and something that Sean Payton is known for. I don’t see anyone who would realistically need a guy like Kamara having the juice to please the Saints in a trade. But sports fans love to play GM and talk about their expert opinion and where they think he should go. Hell, half of y’all only play fantasy football for the trades, we all have those dudes in every league. So let’s have a little fun with this, in case the Saints should actually trade Alvin Kamara.

LA Rams

This is the team that I think is in the forefront of everyone’s mind especially LA fans. After parting ways with Todd Gurley who joined the Falcons this offseason, 28-3 never forget, the rams are fairly thin and are looking for a dynamic feature back. Kamara is a guy that would fit in well with Coach Sean McVay and could definitely open up their offense. The Rams also parted ways with Brandin Cooks, and Kamara pretty much doubles as a receiver and could play many rolls for them. Let’s not down play how big of an asset he could be to guy like Jared Goff who is infamous for his inability to make pre-snap reads as well as go through his passing progression. Having a safety valve like Kamara to check down to could really help take some the pressure off Goff for sure.

Philadelphia Eagles

I know what everyone is thinking, yes they already have Miles Sanders. And Sanders is a totally fine running back and is also very similar to Kamara in size, athleticism and style. But let’s not kid ourselves here he’s not on the same level as Kamara and is hardly a proven every day, feature back for a team. Kamara is the more complete back especially when it comes to pass protection, could definitely play a mentor role to Sanders, and would immediately be Carson Wentz’s favorite weapon. He would fit right into Doug Pederson’s system and would love to have two guys that could rotate in and out and not limit your play calling.

LA Chargers

The chargers are an interesting one that I thought of. He and Austin Eckler would be a dynamic duo much like Miles Sanders and Kamara. He could absolutely help in the development of Justin Herbert and take their offense to the next level and he would have the opportunity to be the focal point of that offense coming from a team where he shares the spotlight with guys like Drew, and Michael Thomas. It’s also no secret that the Chargers struggle to put fans in the stands and after an underwhelming offseason it could be just the marketing boost they would need. Kamara should definitely be on their radar.

Miami Dolphins

This one is actually one that I would love to see. As someone who would love nothing more than to see Tua bounce back from his horrible injury, I think Kamara would fit like a glove alongside him in the depleted Dolphins offense. Again he would be an excellent safety valve for a developing QB to lean on but even an average offensive coordinator could have a lot of fun running the RPO with those two. Alvin would open up that offense and especially some big running lanes for Tua. Of course they’ve got virtually nothing to trade for him but it would be very entertaining to watch them tear it up.

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