Seattle is Eyeing Down Antonio Brown

The 8 game suspension of Antonio Brown is approaching its end and it is almost decision time for some teams. One of those teams appears to be the Seahawks as the report is that Seattle is eyeing down Antonio Brown. We all remember the AB saga from destroying his feet in a cryotherapy machine and calling Mike Mayock a “cracker”. This led to his inevitable release from the Raiders. A short stint with the Patriots followed and then Brown was released soon after. Now Seattle wants to roll the dice?

Is He Worth The Risk?

So Seattle is eyeing down Antonio Brown and o be honest, this is a very low-risk high reward situation for Seattle. You will be able to sign Antonio Brown for a fraction of his previous worth and if he becomes a locker room problem, you just cut him. At his peak, AB was arguably the best wide receiver of all time. Take him and put him on an already dynamic Seattle offense, they will be extremely dangerous. Metcalf is rapidly turning into a top receiver in this league and Lockett is one of the best guys out of the slot. Pete Carroll has a history of taking chances on guys like this, so don’t be shocked when they sign him.

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