Saints Win in an Overtime Thriller

The Who Dat Nation just took one big collective sigh of relief. The Saints win in an overtime thriller against the Chargers on Monday Night Football. The final score read 30-27 but this game was not all that close to begin with. A tale of two halves saw the Chargers jump out to an early lead in the first, but a second-half that was mainly dominated by New Orleans. Throw in a little luck after Michael Badgley doinked his kick off the upright, and we have a Saints overtime victory.

My Takeaways From This Game

First and foremost, our secondary has to be better. I know that is blatantly obvious and goes without saying but we continue to have miscommunications and blown coverages. Marcus Williams is trash, I have tried over and over to come around to Williams and I just can’t do it. Malcolm Jenkins has played like shit for the majority of this season and continues to look like someone past their prime. Marshon Lattimore is a pro-bowl cornerback and possibly the best we’ve ever had, he is NOT playing like it. I was very pleased with the pressure from the D-Line in this game. We got after Herbert early and often and forced him into quite a few bad throws.

What’s Next?

A win is a win, it doesn’t matter how you manufacture it as long as you win. The Saints currently sit atop the division and are heading into their bye week. Plenty of time to rest up and work out some kinks in the secondary. Drew Brees was masterful in the 2nd half and overtime, and we will have Michael Thomas back as long as he can stop punching our defensive backs. At this point, can we really blame him? Sean Payton has to do a better job of calling plays, it’s becoming very frustrating to watch. Also, for the love of GOD, STOP PUTTING TAYSOM HILL IN AT QUARTERBACK! Newsflash Sean, our hall of fame quarterback was 5/5 in overtime when you decided to run Taysom on 2nd and 9 for 3 yards. Let’s not do that, ever again. So the Saints win in an overtime thriller and we have to thank Badgley for the doink. Who Dat?!

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