Roger Goodell Hates New Orleans

Roger Goodell hates New Orleans, and New Orleans hates him back. This relationship rivals David vs. Goliath at this point. Ever since Bounty Gate, which was the biggest sham in the history of the league, Goodell has had it out for New Orleans. Apparently suspending Sean Payton for an entire season wasn’t enough. The Saints are once again the topic of discussion, not for their skull dragging victory over Tampa Bay, but for the post-game celebration.

The Locker-Room Celebration??

So let me get this straight, the Saints are in danger of facing “significant discipline” due to the locker-room celebration? The same type of celebration that the Broncos had two weeks ago? So if every player in that room has already tested negative and there is no contact with media or anyone who hasn’t already been tested, then why would they not be allowed to celebrate without a mask?

So this celebration was on November 1st, the league just so happened to implement a mandate on the 3rd requiring masks in the locker-room. Well, that explains it right? Wrong. Here are the Kansas City Chiefs on November 8th, not a single mask in sight.

Brush It Off and Keep Rolling

Roger Goodell picks and chooses his battles, and it is abundantly clear that Roger Goodell hates New Orleans. So, fuck it, take a draft pick, and fine the team. When we are hoisting the Lombardi trophy, there will be no bigger fuck you than that. The Saints sent a message last week and that message is only just beginning. Who Dat!

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