Reggie Bush Is Welcomed Back To USC

Reggie Bush

Back in 2010, fresh off of winning a super bowl with the New Orleans Saints, Reggie Bush forfeited his Heisman Trophy. This came after Reggie admitted to making “mistakes” while at USC. Long story short, Reggie Bush accepted benefits, whether in the form of cash or gifts. Who gives a rats ass? He deserved every penny and then some, after the amount of money he made for the NCAA, who cares. The University Of Southern California has decided to end its disassociation with Reggie and O.J. Mayo.

The Greatest College Running Back I Have Ever Seen

This man was a human cheat code. When you created a player on NCAA 06 and boosted his stats, he still wasn’t as good as Reggie. To this day, he is the greatest collegiate running back I have ever laid my eyes on. Leonard Fournette is a close second. He never should have been shunned from USC, the NCAA profited off of Reggie in a way that could never be reciprocated. Give the man his Heisman trophy back. Many will say he never lived up to the hype when he got to New Orleans. That’s because his hype was unimaginable, it was impossible to live up to the expectations. He helped rejuvenate a city that lost its spirit. He will forever be a New Orleans legend.

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