Pelicans Schedule Is Released

New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans schedule for the restart was released today. To no surprise, three of the eight games will be primetime on ESPN. That is what you call the Zion effect. The Pelicans are currently sitting as the 10th seed, 3.5 games back from Memphis. We have eight games to try to squeak into the playoffs, but the good news is that we have Zion Williamson.

Do The Pels Have A Shot?

Realistically I would lean towards no. We have the TrailBlazers tied with us at 3.5 games back, but let me say this. Nobody has any idea how this restart will play out. These guys have been in quarantine just like we have, so anything can happen. Zion is a force to be reckoned with and he will be coming in with fresh knees. Looking at this Pelicans schedule, if we could steal a win from the Clippers and beat the Jazz, then we will have a realistic shot. Kings, Wizards, and Magic should all be wins. We will need some help along the way but there is a chance! P.S. Zion Williamson needs to be rookie of the year, Ja is great but Zion is Zion. Here is a video of me almost falling over the balcony after watching Zion knock down four straight 3-pointers. Arguably the best sporting moment I have ever experienced.

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