Patrick Mahomes Signs Ten Year Extension

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes has become the face of the NFL almost overnight. Well, he will be the face of Kansas City for a decade. Patrick Mahomes signs a 10-year extension to his rookie contract. He still had two years remaining on his deal so this makes it now a 12-year contract.

A Generational Talent

Mahomes is incredible and quite frankly deserves every penny. He will now be in Kansas City until 2031, meaning I will be watching this kid play in arrowhead until I’m at least 36 years old. Remember that NFL draft when the Chiefs got him? They had to trade up because they knew someone was going to take him first. You wanna know who? The New Orleans Saints, that’s who. The Chiefs trade up to get Mahomes and we end up taking Marshon Lattimore, which I am happy with, he is one of my favorite players. It still definitely makes you think “what if”.

Breaking The Bank

As Adam Schefter reported, the exact number is yet to be seen. If tied to the cap each season, then there is no telling how much he will make. Although I will tell you this, it will be around half a billy range! I’m talking $500,000,000. This is unheard of in the NFL and might just change things forever. So Patrick Mahomes signs this massive contract for an astronomical amount of money, but the length of the deal isn’t what is so unheard of. Remember Brett Favre’s “lifetime contract” with Green Bay? Really it was just a 10-year deal worth only $100 million. Ten million a year was all he was getting.

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