Patrick Mahomes: Kansas City Royalty

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes has been in the news a lot recently, The reigning SuperBowl MVP had recently signed a deal north of $500 million. Well, Mr. Mahomes is back in the news again after deciding to take some of that money and buy ownership of the Kansas City Royals. I guess he figured that he will be in town for a while, so why not buy into the baseball team.

It is not often a player comes into the league and asserts himself as quickly as Patrick Mahomes. 50 touchdowns in his first season as the starter, then a SuperBowl, and now he makes a power move and buys ownership of the baseball team. His dad pitched in the big leagues for over a decade, so he has clearly been around the game of baseball all his life. I think this is a good idea on his part, he is the crowned prince of Kansas City. It is still crazy though, the guy is the same age as me and he likes to put ketchup on his steak.

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