Pat McAfee Will Face Adam Cole

If 2020 hasn’t had enough shit, in two weeks Pat McAfee will face ex NXT champion Adam Cole. I don’t watch wrestling anymore so I can’t really say if Adam Cole is the next Shawn Michaels. I know Shawn Michaels to be a legend, so I’m skeptical. Back in the day, I was so in to wrestling that I cried when The Undertaker buried Stone Cold Steve Austin alive. I was around seven years old and everyone had to explain how it wasn’t real. Instead of being like, “oh okay, well in that case let’s keep watching it.” I had the exact opposite reaction. Even as a kid I wasn’t about that fake stuff.

What I do know is football and podcasts. I commute over an hour to the office and some sports talk makes the commute pretty enjoyable. Pat McAfee was a killer in the league. In 2020 Pat came made it to the top 100 players. The man was the voted the 7th best punter of all time. Say what you will about punters, that is still pretty damn impressive. Pat McAfee retired from the league still in his prime to become even more of a legend! The man is a knockout everywhere he goes, he came to our city of New Orleans and put on a hell of an introduction for the Pels. Dude is a stud at whatever he does.

Pat McAfee doing his thing

Welcome To The Pat McAfee Show!

On the Pat McAfee show, it’s Pat and bunch of his boys having a great time while providing some quality information and having some solid interviews. Now as previously stated, I don’t watch wrestling. Last I heard of Triple H he had some luscious flow, banging Vince McMahon’s daughter, and spitting water on everyone. Now the dude is bald and owning his own version of Smackdown. Triple H had Pat be apart of their pre-show for the event being held in Indianapolis. Adam Cole was kind of a brat and sent a douchey tweet and well, Pat McAfee wasn’t married yet so he fired back. They had some itty bitty moments in 2018. Which led to Pat messing up Cole’s steel chair finish against Aleister Black.

This eventually got Pat McAfee a gig at the NXT preshows and eventually led him to commentate on some of their pay per view events. Pat’s a professional so he sidelined the jokes until Adam Cole went onto his show about a month ago. Pat McAfee may have been a little harsh with his jabs to Cole but if you know his show, the style of their humor, and how they talk, it was pretty fair.

The Show That Started It All

Adam Cole referred to himself as the “king” of the NXT. I am sorry but that brand is too new to have that sort of claim. Champion for a year? Sir come on! Have you seen Pat’s legs? Legs of a flippin Greek God sir! Mr. Cole I am a short gentleman and yes it sucks, but when you want to call yourself one of the greatest wrestlers, it is fair to bring up size. Take into consideration Big Show, Undertaker, Kane, and others who could just snap you! Long story short, Adam Cole breaks a mic and a headset. He jumped up in Pat’s face and then pushed Ty Schmit. Did you know Ty Schmit has colitis?! Great job, slapdick.

Now all who experienced this show, thought this was fake and just a setup for a potential fight. Now I don’t know for a fact but I watched it several times and it seemed real. They then addressed it and I trusted Pat’s word. Well the big guy got hitched to his old lady last weekend and was on his honeymoon this week, congratulations big guy! I am sitting here gazing into the sunrise on the bridge upset because I’m not listening to my morning bro, and then I see my boy from Pittsburgh talking about a match on Get Up. I watch the video and then learn that Pat and Cole had it out the night before and holy shit Snapple! We have a match.

It Was Fake!!

I am upset it was all a build up for this match but I am still here for it. So job well done! Mr. Adam Cole, I know you have been wrestling for like 12 years, but I really hope Pat McAfee whoops that ass. For Ty and his colitis!! I do feel duped and that does suck but that’s business baby. For those of you who think this will be an easy match for Adam Cole, a vet to wrestling. However Pat McAfee did get trashed, buy a ring, and get trained by Rip Rodgers. So this will be pretty entertaining. Tune in to August 22nd for NXT 30th to see Adam Cole take on Pat motherflipping McAfee!

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