Novak Djokovic Nearly Killed A Woman

Novak Djokovic nearly killed a woman today. Djokovic was defaulted on Sunday after striking one of the line judges in the throat. Did he really almost kill her? No, obviously not. Although he did appear to strike the woman directly in the throat, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t let out a laugh after seeing the video. If it was intentional, then it was some remarkable accuracy by the 17-time Grand Slam champion.

“I’m Gonna Throat Punch You” – Kyle

Everyone has that friend that loves to say “I’m going to throat punch you” but it never seems to happen. Well, now we know what would happen. Here we see Djokovic who boasts a whopping 136mph on his serve, strike a woman full force in the jugular. Down goes old Mrs. Susan crashing to the canvas gasping for air. Obviously Djokovic didn’t mean to strike the line judge, but apparently he had been throwing temper tantrums all day. So Novak Djokovic almost killed a woman, but in the words of the great Happy Gilmore, “She shouldn’t have been standing there”.

2 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic Nearly Killed A Woman

  1. What an incredibly STUPID headline!

    It was not a hard hit ball and it was certainly not intentional!

    The line judge was supposed to be paying attention for crying out loud! That’s what she is there for!

    This woman also very obviously overreacted by grabbing her throat and falling to the court over a relatively easily hit tennis ball! Great actress!!!!!

    I think she will probably use all the media attention to this to sue Djokovic for millions

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