NFL Nixed Barstool

NFL Nixes Barstool

I want to preface this with the fact that I hate Roger Goodell. Today we found out that the NFL nixed Barstool Sports. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the NFL had a series of prizes up for auction, with the proceeds going to the Corona relief fund. One of the prizes up for grabs was the chance to watch a game with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. You wouldn’t only get to watch with Roger, you would be in his “mancave”, and even get to sit in his recliner. First off who gives a rats ass about Roger Goodell. I would rather funnel bleach or “disinfectant” than be in the same room with that asshole. Well, Dave Portnoy bid a quarter of a million dollars and won the auction.

Barstool And The NFL Go Together Like Lamb And Tuna Fish

For those who don’t know, Roger Goodell absolutely hates Dave Portnoy. The feeling is clearly mutual, it all started when Portnoy and a few of the crew staged a sit-in at the league office. They were protesting Brady’s “deflategate” suspension. Then there was the time they forged credentials to get into the SuperBowl media day. After being banned from an NFL event, Dave went incognito to attend the game and was arrested and escorted out of the stadium. This is not a love/hate relationship, it’s just hate. The NFL nixed barstool even though they won the auction, due to Dave failing the background check.

I despise Roger Goodell, everyone knows the Saints got robbed out of a SuperBowl. Then the league follows that up with the P.I. replay rule that they intentionally didn’t give a shit about. It was a joke, just like Goodell. The NFL nixed Barstool but Barstool wins in the end.

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