NFL In A Bubble?

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Could 2020 NFL season be played in a bubble? Dr. Anthony Fauci recently reported that a football game would be prime conditions for COVID-19 to spread. He said that the season may not happen if not played in a bubble. Well sir, I will listen to you up until you start messing with our league.

No bubble

I for one will get the ‘rona to see the black and gold storm the field. You may call it dumb and to be honest, you’re probably right but you don’t get it, Fauci! There will be no stopping the WhoDat Nation. We all have our Saints masks and are ready to rock em! Not to mention why would you bust the football world’s balls over 3 months away from starting?!

Jay Glazer has reported that the NFL is showing no indications on changing their stance on playing with fans. President Trump has also stated that Dr. Fauci was not involved with the NFL therefore shouldn’t have an opinion. As a first-year season ticket holder who has been waiting for six years, I am hopeful of these comments. It is potentially Drew’s last year, we have to be there! Greg Bensel the VP of communications has claimed that the program is preparing to move forward and taking extra precautions. Let’s go guys we have to be in there when the real G.O.A.T emerges!

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