New Orleans Saints Schedule Breakdown

It’s time, WhoDat Nation. Week one is here and we are roughly 48 hours away from the first game kicking off! What I am going to do in this article is give you a New Orleans Saints schedule breakdown with my score predictions for each game and my overall final record prediction. Will I be a little biased? It is very possible. Although in 2017, after three consecutive 7-9 seasons, I predicted we’d go 11-5 and would win the Super Bowl. Remember that year? Minnesota does. I had $600 on the Saints to win the Super Bowl at 60-1 odds. I cried that night. I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet.

Week 1: Saints v.s. Buccaneers

The Bucs don’t scare me, Tom has been too busy tongue kissing his kids to get enough time with Evans and Godwin. Gronk has CTE by now and won’t make it through the year. The Dome will be empty but the scoreboard will not.

Score – Saints: 31 Buccaneers: 17

Week 2: Saints @ Raiders

I was supposed to be at this game until COVID hit. If you take a pile of trash and move it 560 miles away, is it still trash? That is the Oakland Raiders.

Score – Saints: 35 Raiders: 14

Week 3: Saints v.s. Packers

If all goes according to plan then fans will be allowed into the Dome for this game. The energy will be nuts even at 25% capacity. The Packers have given Rodgers zero new weapons basically and even drafted a QB first round. I think Rodgers will have a good year but not a good week three.

Score – Saints: 24 Packers: 21

Week 4: Saints @ Lions

The Lions are coming off of a 3-12 record under head coach Matt Patricia. They were reportedly shopping Matt Stafford but ended up keeping him, so who knows how that relationship is. Their running back rotation is all jacked up and with the Saints improved secondary, I think we get to Stafford early and often and they score late to make the game look closer than it was.

Score – Saints: 31 Lions: 21

Week 5: Saints v.s. Chargers

The Chargers will be a dumpster fire this year. Tyrod Taylor is starting at QB week one. By week five we should be seeing a wet behind the ears, Justin Herbert. Drew Brees doesn’t lose to the Chargers and Rookie QB’s don’t come into the Dome and do well unless your name is RGIII.

Score – Saints: 28 Chargers: 13

Week 6: Saints v.s. Panthers

The return of Teddy Two Gloves. He will be welcomed back with open arms until the first whistle blows. If anyone knows what Teddy can’t do, it’s the Saints. I was never a believer when we were on that six game run last year. I wish him nothing but the best, just not one week six or sixteen.

Score – Saints: 34 Panthers: 24

Week 7: Saints @ Bears

Mitchell Trubisky. That’s it.

Score – Saints: 38 Bears: 13

Week 8: Saints @ Buccaneers

I will be at this game unless something unforeseen happens. I currently have the saints at 7-0 coming into this game so I will try to realistic. We probably split with Tampa 1-1.

Score – Saints: 24 Buccaneers: 31

Week 9: Saints v.s. 49ers

REVENGE! We all remember what happened last year. I was in the dome and got to personally watch Marcus Williams try to break Kittle’s neck with a face mask.

Score – Saints: 38, 49ers: 35

Week 10: Saints v.s. Falcons

By week ten, Gurley’s knees will be shot. Lattimore rises to the occasion with Julio and The Saints pull out a gritty win.

Score – Saints: 24 Falcons: 21

Week 11: Saints @ Broncos

Much like the game against Detroit, we get to Lock early and often and rattle him. The conditions may play a factor but the past few years the Saints have put that “they only play well indoors” theory to bed.

Score – Saints: 24 Broncos: 17

Week 12: Saints @ Falcons

Much like with Tampa, it is hard to beat a divisional opponent twice, but Matt Ryan is a bum.

Score – Saints: 17 Falcons: 10

Week 13: Saints @ Eagles

We have Carson Wentz’ number. Even though he will be hurt by week 13 and Josh McCown will be under center.

Score – Saints: 24 Eagles 13

Week 14: Saints v.s. Chiefs

The defending champs come to town. This game will be gut wrenching and feel eerily similar to last seasons game with San Francisco. KC will pull it out late in the end (maybe due to a shit call) but we will see them again in the post season.

Score – Saints: 31 Chiefs: 38

Week 15: Saints v.s. Vikings

The Vikings will be in for a rude awakening. They will run into a Saints team coming off of a loss and still with a fresh memory of the playoffs and Kyle Rudolph’s push off. Kirk Cousins is overrated and Stefon Diggs is gone. No more miracles.

Score – Saints: 41 Vikings: 24

Week 16: Saints @ Panthers

We should have a playoff spot locked up and I think we take our foot off the gas for week 16. Teddy goes out on a high note and its hugs and jersey swaps after the game.

Score – Saints: 17 Panthers: 24

Final Record: 13-3 & NFC South Champs

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