NBA Basketball Coming Back?

NBA Basketball

Basketball fans received big news today from commissioner Adam Sliver. The NBA is eyeing July 31st as the potential date to return to play in Orlando Florida. This is not set in stone, but it is still big news nonetheless. We should be approaching the start of the NBA finals by now, although Covid-19 had other plans in mind. It has been over two months without any of the major sporting events. We the people are foaming at the mouth just thinking about football and basketball.

There Is A Silver Lining For New Orleans

The NBA has been weighing different options of a return to play plan. There have been talks of trying to get every team to complete at least 72 games, although that is seeming increasingly unlikely. Team owners have been adamant about not playing unnecessary games, going straight into the playoffs is more than likely going to be the route taken. The NBA is trying to incorporate Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans into the playoff format. There has not been a vote on the format yet, only talks of a return date. Talks will be ongoing this weekend to vote on a playoff format. Whether that is a World Cup style format or play-in games, it seems the Pelicans will be in the equation. Basketball is coming back and the return of Zion is among us.

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