NASCAR Driver Draws a Swastika on a Toaster Strudel

2020 has been a year of crazy headlines, and this one is right up there at the top. Yes, you read it correctly, NASCAR driver draws a swastika on a toaster strudel. Josh Reaume is a driver and team owner in the NASCAR truck racing circuit. Everyone has been told at one time or another that sometimes you have to die with the lie. Josh is doing just that after a Snapchat of his toaster strudel went viral.

A Disgrace to one of the Greatest Snacks of All-Time

So Josh is saying that it wasn’t intentional, he’s saying he just spread the icing and took a picture to send to his buddies. Are his buddies members of the Aryan Brotherhood? It’s very possible. First off who only eats one Toaster Strudel? A psychopath, that’s who. To say you “arbitrarily” spread the icing and it just so happened to come out looking like a swastika is insane. Stevie Wonder could put the icing on 1000 Toaster Strudels and they will never end up looking like that. Reaume has since been suspended by NASCAR who can’t seem to stay out of the racial spotlight. So yes the headline, NASCAR driver draws a swastika on a toaster strudel, is as crazy as it sounds. On a side note, for optimal icing spread, take both strudels after applying icing to both and sandwich them together to spread the icing evenly. You’re Welcome.

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