Myles Garrett: Breaking Necks And Cashing Checks

Myles Garrett

There have been quite a few unhappy people since we were forced into quarantine. Myles Garrett is not one of those people. The All-Pro edge rusher just signed the richest deal for a defender in NFL history. A five year extension worth $125 million dollars with $100 million in total guarantees. The last time we saw Myles Garrett on the football field, he was borderline committing assault with a deadly weapon.

“Time To Prove It”

Garrett was quoted saying “they had faith in me, and now I’ve got to give them a reason to have that faith”. The guy has only been in the league for three seasons and is averaging ten sacks a year. He is worth every penny in my opinion, but I bet if we called Mason Rudolph he would say he isn’t worth the money. But then again, that guy probably has early onset dementia. Garrett will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come, but do you think he is worth the money?

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