Myles Brennan Might Be Sidelined For The Year?

LSU is set to take on South Carolina this weekend and the rumors are circulating. The worry is that Myles Brennan might be sidelined for the year. A potential season-ending hip injury that could also be classified as an abdomen injury. The worry is that this injury is worse than initially thought. Brennan had his lower half contorted opposite of his upper body on a play near the goal line against Missouri. After tearing an abdominal muscle, Brennan struggled to just breathe, let alone call out plays and throw the ball.

Who is the Next Man Up?

You have to choose between either T.J. Finley or Max Johnson. Finley probably has the most arm talent, although Johnson has the RPO ability. Personally, I would like to see T.J. Finley first, and that is who I believe will get the nod against South Carolina. So Myles Brennan might be sidelined for the year and it really is a shame. This is a guy who sat and waited for his time to come, so to have it taken away from him would be really disappointing. The guy is showing his toughness and isn’t going to go down without a fight. Let’s hope the diagnosis isn’t as serious as speculated and that we get to see Myles back under center soon because the man was starting to impress. Geaux Tigers.

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